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NEC Brand Project Works

Team KLE secure six figure contract with the NEC Birmingham.

In recent times, Team KLE have stretched the boundaries with materials and production techniques, allowing us to offer eye catching products for varied use, both internal and external. And working with many large clients, we’ve had the chance to put new skills to the test on a number of occasions.

The NEC Group are the latest client to approach KLE with a project that will certainly put our skills to the test, but at the same time challenges our capabilities for logistics and installation planning with a project spanning several weeks, using 4200 linear meters of timber, over 1300 square meters of digital print, 47 bespoke light box signs, 2000 linear meters of brushed stainless steel angle and nearly 3000 screws!

Following a rigorous competitive tender procedure and subsequent trail installation, Team KLE were recently awarded the sizeable and prestigious contract to deliver Brand Alignment cladding to the NEC Birmingham car park buildings acting as Principal Contractor working on 36 buildings in total. Many of the buildings haven’t seen any upgrades for nearly 20 years, meaning the Brand Project Works will provide a real impact with a welcoming feel while delivering a great brand presence.

The NEC Birmingham is an award-winning venue, widely known to be the best events and exhibition venue in Europe, so we’ve got plenty of eyes over the year judging our work. With over 500 events a year attracting over 6 million guests from all over the world, this project definitely delivers on brand awareness.

Team KLE have been lucky enough to enjoy a great working relationship with the NEC for many years now, and we believe this most recent tender award is testament to our commitment in innovation and stretching boundaries to provide cost effective signage solutions that will stand the test of time.

With this latest contract under our belts, 2017 is set to be another record breaking year for KLE with a 30% increase in turn over already secured allowing investment in our team and new capabilities.

If you need market leading and innovative signage, don’t hesitate to contact Team KLE to discuss how we can deliver cost effective signage for any environment.

Amur tigers are on the up in Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The Amur tigers at award-winning Yorkshire Wildlife Park have gone up in the world with new raised platforms to give them an elevated view of their kingdom.

The new structures will give them the scope to survey their territory and give visitors a chance to get even closer at eye-to-eye level.

The innovative park, home to a family of endangered Amur Tigers enchanced their two-acre Land of the Tiger home with the added platforms donated by KLE Sign Solutions of Doncaster.

“They are a perfect addition to an already fantastic habitat for our Amur tigers,”said Simon Marsh, head of animal collections at the park in Branton just outside Doncaster.

He added: “It is one of the biggest Amur Tiger reserves in the country and has been designed to give them a stimulating and spacious environment. In the wild, tigers use elevated positions as vantage points to look out across their territory to find prey. With these new platforms, they get an even better view and our visitors will benefit with an eye-to-eye view of the tigers.”

YWP Tigers Vladimir and Tschuna produced three healthy cubs earlier this year as part of a conservation breeding programme.

“YWP is an amazing experience for its visitors and is founded on great ethics and the work of dedicated people,” said Gareth Walton, Managing Director of KLE. “To be part of their efforts by donating the platforms gives us all a great sense of achievement.

“It isn’t very often that you get the opportunity to give something back so we are delighted to help.”

YWP, which puts conservation at the heart of all its activities, offers visitors a magical walk through experience giving unrivaled access to some of the world’s most rare and beautiful species.

The unique animal collection includes Lions, Giraffes, the country’s only four Polar Bears, Meerkats and many many more.